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Re: Interest in gcc 3.2.2?

As luck would have it, the progam I'm working on has multiple threads (in the Java code).  I haven't stress tested it with 3.2.2, 
but the normal test run worked fine.  Here is a quick grep on "Thread" in my code:

> find src -name "*.java" | xargs  grep Thread
src/jxda/            Thread.sleep( 500 );  // milliseconds
src/jxda/      new Thread( new Worker(), Worker.class.getName() ).start();
src/jxda/          new Thread( runnable ).start();
src/jxda/        try { Thread.sleep( 2 * 1000 ); } catch ( Exception ex ) {}
src/jxda/    new Thread( runnable ).start();

Alan Thompson

At 07:31 AM 2/12/2003 +0100, Bart Lamot wrote:
>Do you have threads working? I can't get them to work if i compile a java program that has a Thread object it does compile but at runtime i get the error that threads ain't implemented....
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>On 11-2-2003 at 21:27 Alan Thompson wrote:
>>Hi all - I downloaded gcc 3.2.2 sources, compiled, and got it working on
>>Cygwin.  However, I am concerned if I might later encounter any clashes
>>with /usr/lib/mingw, since I overwrote some of the lib*.a files there.
>>Are there any problems with this?  The cygwin setup seems a little
>>different than the standard gcc install setup.  Is there any interest in
>>bumping the standard cygwin gcc to 3.2.2?  Running gcc --version produces
>>"gcc (GCC) 3.2 20020927 (prerelease)".  Is there much difference between
>>this version and gcc 3.2.2?
>>Alan Thompson
>>P.S. I got the JNI and <iostream> stuff working both both the 3.2 and
>>3.2.2 versions.  I can provide details if anyone is interested.
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