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Re: Emacs in Cygwin


I am still confused about this, and have a follow up

I am at home now, and if I have my display environment
variable set to:  ${HOST}:0.0 or :0
and if I have the program "Cygwin/XFree86 rl" open in
the background, emacs opens up in the XFree program
and not the current window. (If I do not have the
XFree program open, then I get an error saying I can't
connect to X server)

For some reason the above only works in tcsh; the
other shells all seem to open up emacs in the same

Does anyone know what causes the cygwin emacs to open
up in XFree instead of the current window? 

It has stopped doing this on my computer at work (I
think it was a result of my reinstalling cygwin emacs
or maybe something else that got changed in the
process of running the cygwin setup), and I'm
wondering what has to be changed so it does it again.

I have spent a lot of time searching the internet for
info on this and would appreciate any help.

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