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Re: multi-user file permission problems

Brian Ford wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Yep. It's impossible to fully represent an ACL in traditional Unix
>> permissions.
> That's fine.
>>> Trying to execute make in bash via PATH for other users results in
>>> make not found.  But, trying to execute /usr/bin/make works fine for
>>> them.
>>> Can someone please help?  Thanks.
>> Options:
>> - Disable ntsec
>> - chown/chmod everything
>> Future versions of setup will set the group to either Administrators
>> or Users, which should allow more of the ACL to show in the mode
>> bits.
> I strongly vote for Users.

Actually, the currently proposed patch decides based on the group membership
of the user running setup. But it might be better for this to be a choosable

> Please yell loudly when this future version appears.

It should be in the next version. Whenever that is. Probably soon-ish, but
only probably, and stress on the *ish*.

> Why are shells and such confused by this, though?

Well, that scan PATH, looking for executables.... and if file they see isn't
executable, they ignore it.


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