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Re: Fortune 1.8.2 broken after upgrading to Cygwin 1.3.20?? (a problem with permissions?)

Javier wrote:
> "Elfyn McBratney" <> escribió en el
> mensaje 027f01c2d217$7522c950$15fe86d9@webdev">news:027f01c2d217$7522c950$15fe86d9@webdev...
>>> Maybe is a permits probem /  thing??
>>> fortune> whoami
>>> javier
>>> I have reinstalled the software, and I see that the install program
>>> has given the files over to Administ.Ninguno ("Administrator /
>>> None" in spanish) ... but I am logged as "Javier" both in Cygwin
>>> and under windows, and am a member of the Administrators group?!
>> That'll be the problem then, as only Administrator has permission to
>> r(ead), w(rite) or (e)x(ecute) the file. If you reset the
>> permissions, so that either you are the owner or you have
>> permissions to read/and or write if you need to, on the files
>> fortune should behave normally.
> Yes, I did chmod +r the files in the dir, and now I can get my
> fortunes all right ;)
> Thanks for the tip ;:)
> What I find somewhat troubling is that the install program assigns the
> files to the Adminstrator user??
> I mean, shouldn't setup.exe run as "My" user (the same one I am on
> Windows? )

It does... but

Windows *always* seems to set the group to None.

When you are a member of the Administrators group, Windows sets the owner of
files you create to "Administrators" - yes, thats right, the *owner* of the
file is a *group*. That Administ you mention above is Administrators, not
Administrator. (This behaviour is optional in XP).

So, the permissions you ask about are wholly to determined by Windows.
Cygwin setup.exe has nothing to do with them.


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