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Re: Fortune 1.8.2 broken after upgrading to Cygwin 1.3.20?? (a problem with permissions?)

"Elfyn McBratney" <> escribió en el mensaje
> > Maybe is a permits probem /  thing??
> >
> > fortune> whoami
> > javier
> >
> > I have reinstalled the software, and I see that the install program
> > given the files over to Administ.Ninguno ("Administrator / None" in
> > spanish) ... but I am logged as "Javier" both in Cygwin and under
> > windows, and am a member of the Administrators group?!
> That'll be the problem then, as only Administrator has permission to
> w(rite) or (e)x(ecute) the file. If you reset the permissions, so that
> either you are the owner or you have permissions to read/and or write
if you
> need to, on the files fortune should behave normally.

Yes, I did chmod +r the files in the dir, and now I can get my fortunes
all right ;)

Thanks for the tip ;:)

What I find somewhat troubling is that the install program assigns the
files to the Adminstrator user??
I mean, shouldn't setup.exe run as "My" user (the same one I am on
Windows? )

Just a thought...


> Regards,
> Elfyn McBratney

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