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multi-user file permission problems

I recently updated from 1.3.19 to 1.3.20.  Setup picked up a few new
packages like gcc, ncurses, etc.  After the update, the new executables
and files had permission problems for other users of my (XP) box.

>From reading the mailing list, I thought this might be due to a directory
permission inheritance problem caused by the particular older cygwin dll
used during my initial install.  So, I tried a clean re-install.  Then,
all files had this permission issue.  And yes, I did select install for
all users.

Here is an example:

ls -l /bin/make.exe
-rwx------+   1 ford     None       156160 May 11  2002 make.exe

getfacl -a /bin/make.exe
# file: make.exe
# owner: ford
# group: None

So, you can see that the unix permissions do not show read or execute
status for anyone but me.  However, the ACL's show Users do have these

Trying to execute make in bash via PATH for other users results in make
not found.  But, trying to execute /usr/bin/make works fine for them.

Can someone please help?  Thanks.

Brian Ford
Senior Realtime Software Engineer
VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
Phone: 314-551-8460
Fax:   314-551-8444

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