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Re: looking for what is hopefully a simple answer for someone trying to use EMACS in cygwin

> Yes, that is what I am trying to do.  However, I would like emacs to open
> in a separate window from the prompt window.
> to open up my tcsh I am running:
> rxvt -e tcsh
> then, from the tcsh prompt:
> 1) If I type "emacs" I get the error I pasted below (if the enviornment
> variable DISPLAY is set).
> 2) If I type "emacs" and the environment variable DISPLAY is not set, then
> emacs opens up in the current window.
> 3) If I type "emacs -nw", then regardless of whether or not DISPLAY is
> emacs opens up in the current window.
> [...]
> > Why would exceed cause this problem?  I have the problem even when I
> > run exceed on this computer.  I am also almost certain that this did not
> > work when I tried it on a computer that did not have exceed on it at
> >
> Are you trying to run plain-old emacs from a cygwin prompt and it keeps
> telling you about the X thing? If so just run `emacs -nw'. If not, then
> Sorry! :-)
> [...]

O.K. I think you are thinking of linux where if you type it in in X it opens
up the X version and if you add a '&' it opens backgrounded? If so, you
can't really do that from what I can think of. What you can do is something
similar to what cygwin does by placing a shortcut on your desktop running

C:\Cygwin\bin\emacs.exe -nw -any-other-options-you-may-want-to-add ;-)

And just clicking on it as and when you want to use emacs...


Elfyn McBratney

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