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Re: Is there cygwin port of docbook?

> > I'm wondering whether there is cygwin port of docbook.
> > I want to use it in my office, but I don't wanna bother to
> > install a whole Linux OS just in order to use docbook.
> Someone, Me thinks the DocBook maintainer, posted a message to
> a little while ago saying that he had a mirror that would
> provide this port for a short while. Jump quickly and you might find it ;-)

I have a mirror of this for use with the cygwin-doc package. Add:

as a mirror in setup.exe and you'll see the various docbook packages
appear in the Doc category. Note that these are "testing" not final packages.
I know very little about DocBook but these work for my purpose. 

You'd probably also like Markus Hoenicka's tutorial about Cygwin:

Or, if you are not wanting to use the Unix tools of cygwin, you might also
look at this:

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