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tcsh-6.12.00-4 [was Re: problem with tcsh-6.12.00-3]

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 12:37:21PM -0700, Andrew Grimm wrote:
> The major problem is that $shell and $SHELL are now getting set to
> /tmp/install/usr/bin/tcsh instead of /usr/bin/tcsh.  This is causing the
> shell to fail, say in an xterm, trying to exec $SHELL.
> I verified that this problem resides in the executable rather than my
> configuration files by examining it with strings.

Thanks for the report.  I tracked it down to be a flaw in

> There is another problem which is not new to this release, but I feel
> should be corrected.  The default /etc/csh.login should have two lines
> changed in this manner:
> 	set path=( /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin $path:q )
> The $path:q preserves spaces in spacey MS pathnames.  Right now path
> elements like "Program Files" are resulting in multiple bad entries from
> the inherited Windows path.  This hurts performance.
> 	set TERM=cygwin
> The current setting of "linux" is not correct for the Cygwin shell window,
> I think.

Again, thanks for these two hints!

I've just uploaded a -4 release which has the correct $SHELL setting
and both of your fixes to csh.login.


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