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Re: setup.exe joblist for downloading

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 07:38:55AM -0800, Randall R Schulz wrote:
>At 00:19 2003-02-11, Max Bowsher wrote:
>>Randall R Schulz wrote:
>>>> Richard, inspired by your inquiry, I whipped up a little something.
>>>> It's not well tested, but it should provide a starting point. It
>>>> generates a script that uses wget to retrieve all the binary
>>>> tarballs to the same place that Setup.exe would. As written, it
>>>> will not retrieve source tarballs. It accepts only a single mirror
>>>> URL, which must use either the HTTP or the FTP scheme.
>>Michael Chase's will do this.
>>>> The biggest shortcoming of this script is its inability to
>>>> distinguish the current from the previous versions--it retrieves both.
>>And it can distinguish prev and curr, as well.
>Hmmm... That big meany CGF said there was nothing--that's why I whipped 
>up my script.

Actually, I said that there was no option in setup.exe which would
provide what was required, which is and was true.

Thanks for demonstrating that there is no black art involved in this,


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