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looking for what is hopefully a simple answer for someone trying to use EMACS in cygwin

Hello, I am having a problem with running cygwin emacs under windows 2000
pro at work, where I am concurrently running exceed (to connect to networked

when I initially run emacs it does not open up in a separate window
so, I mimicked my xterm setup at work and did
	setenv DISPLAY xxxxxx:0.0
now, it opens up in a separate window like  I wanted, but I have 2

1) the icon (in the upper left corner of my emacs window) is the blue "X"
ie. the same icon I get when I open an xterm with exceed.  This is confusing
because I would like to distinguish between my local emacs windows and my
emacs windows that are connected to the network.  How can I change the icon
when running emacs via cygwin so they are different?

2) why do I have to enter an IP address in the Display variable if I am
using cygwin on my local machine?  What would I do if I were not connected
to a network?


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