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New install, script execution, bad interpreter

I recently re-installed cygwin.  The install went well
but I have one problem concerning executing scripts. 
I usually use the perl that comes with cygwin but for
some work I need ActiveState modules and I have a
script that will call ActiveState as outlined by Mark

This is a bash script (starts with #!/bin/bash) and
resides at /usr/local/bin/perl.  To call ActiveState I
start a script with #!/usr/local/bin/perl rather that
#!/usr/local/perl.  This has all worked very well
untill the re-install.  Now when I call active state I
get (using the script testAS):   

bash: ./testAS: /usr/local/bin/perl: bad interpreter:
No such file or directory

I've check a number of things.  The scripts are all
unix, dos2unix has no effect.  Running a simple bash
script works fine, althought ?? if I move the script
to my bin directory and back it will not work.
cyg> testSH
cyg> mv testSH ./bin
cyg> testSH
cyg> mv ./bin/testSH .
cyg> testSH
bash: /home/jmapoles/bin/testSH: No such file or

Thanks for any help,
John Mapoles

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