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Re: Changing symlinks from "magic" format to windows shortcuts.

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 01:05:06PM -0000, Christopher January wrote:
> How can I automatically convert all symlinks on my Cygwin filesystem from
> the "!<symlink>" format to windows shortcuts? Samba doesn't seem to
> maintain the correct permissions for the Cygwin DLL to detect the
> "!<symlink>" files as symlinks, so they are treated as regular files
> (hence the errors with gcc, etc. I was seeing). Thanks Chris and others
> for pointing me in the right direction to diagnose this. I now need a way
> of converting all those symlink files to windows shortcuts so I can use
> Cygwin at college.
> Chris

Write a script which reads the content of the symlink, then removes the
old one and eventually recreates it.  The resulting symlink will have the
appropriate format according to the CYGWIN env. var.  Sth like this

  for i in `find / -type l`
    TARGET=`ls -l $i | awk '{print $NF;}'`
    rm $i
    ln -s $TARGET $i


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