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Win32 emacs, Cygwin emacs...and PATH

---Begin forwarded message ---
From: "Nick Miller" <>
To: "Elfyn McBratney" <>
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 10:58 PM
Subject: Re: Why won't my files link?

> Hello, I have a quick question that I was hoping you might have time to
> address...
> So I have a copy of emacs for Win32 installed in "C:/".  I have my Windows
> environment variables (PATH) set up so that I can run emacs right from the
> Windows command prompt by typing "emacs".  What I am now wondering is how
> I can get this same functionality in Cywgin.  My Cywgin home directory is
> "c:/cygwin/home/owner/", and I want to be able to type "emacs" and have it
> run my Win32 emacs.  Right now when I type emacs in Cygwin I get a version
> of it hat came with Cygwin.  Also, on Linux I can do "emacs&" to run emacs
> in the background and keep my shell visible and free.  Whenever I do
> "emacs&" on Cygwin tho, nothing happens.  Any ideas?  Allow me to thank
> you ahead of time for your assistance!
> Nick
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