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Re: Problems compiling trivial C program.

Max Bowsher wrote:
> (no)winsymlinks - if set, Cygwin creates symlinks as Windows shortcuts with
> a special header and the R/O attribute set. If not set, Cygwin creates
> symlinks as plain files with a magic number, a path and the system attribute
> set. Defaults to set.

I've read the CYGWIN environment settings before but sure don't remember seeing 
this one.  Learned something new. ;-) Now what happens if we change this in mid 
stream - also see below.

> NB: setup creates the magic-number/system-attribute always.

Three questions here - 
1) call me stupid - what is NB.  
2) Is this correct for setup - I see this default on a new install but 
shouldn't it handle based on CYGWIN environment if updating .... But .... then 
what happens if I change the setting - see question above and Question 3.
3) Can both methods work simultaneously.  If setup does it one way and CYGWIN 
Environment default is the other - will I have broken symlinks.


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