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Re: Question about latest build - openssh-3.5p1-2

Thanks for the suggestion.  I should have thought of trying this myself,
but a long time ago I put a 'cygwin' terminfo entry on the Linux host and
after a while trying to get it to work without success I just settled on using
TERM=linux.  The current 'cygwin' entry is substantially different from the
older one, so I thought this was going to work.

I've transferred a copy of the 'sygwin' terminfo entry from Cygwin to the
Linux host (infocmp ==> tic) and after 'export TERM=cygwin' tried a few
vim samples.  This works no better or worse than TERM=vt100, even
after setting 'syntax' and 'filetype' manually to appropriate values (they
don't currently auto-set, here) I get no syntax highlighting.  I'll continue
to investigate this further.

I've now also tried opening an xterm (tunneling X11 through ssh) and in
this case, with TERM=xterm, vim works well and properly as far as I can
tell at this point.  So, this is a reasonable workaround for now and also
suggests that there isn't something drastically wrong with the vim setup.

Thanks again for the help.


On 10 Feb 2003 at 14:15, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 04:55:01AM -0600, Doug Wyatt wrote:
> > Finally, the vim problem only occurs when the linux env var TERM=linux,
> > but not when it is set to 'vt100'.  Of course, there is lost functionality with
> > vt100 - this is a useable workaround but really not an acceptable fix.
> Try copying the terminfo file "cygwin" to the appropriate place on
> your linux box and set TERM=cygwin.
> Corinna
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