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Re: page up and page down keys

    Thanks.  Do you know what the commands are for
these functions?
    I am trying to rebind these keys to "Page Up" and
"Page Down", without the shift, in tcsh.  I have tried
setting up a bindkey command in my .cshrc, and I have
found that bindkey '^[[5~' and bindkey '^[[6~' are the
correct buttons, but I cannot find the commands to
which these should be bound.

--- Igor Pechtchanski <> wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, you (whoever you are) wrote:
> > Hello All:
> >
> > after running rxvt -e tcsh or rxvt -e bash to open
> up
> > a terminal window, how do I make "Page Up" and
> "Page
> > Down" keys scroll the window up and down, so I can
> > look at previous output from my terminal window?
> Try Shift-PgUp and Shift-PgDn, I think...  This
> should be buried somewhere
> on the rxvt manpage.
> 	Igor
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