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Re: problem with cygwin:login

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, lu fang wrote:

> Hi, all
> I have problem in using "login" under cygwin. I installed cygwin under
> windows2000. And when I tried to login into cygwin, I used the same
> username and paasword as I log in to my nt machine.But it always failed. So
> how to fix the problem here? I have tried to installed ntsec under NT and
> set system var CYGWIN=ntsec, and I try to log in as nt username and
> password again, still incorrect. what is the problem then? Really hope to
> get helps! thanks a lot!
> lufang


Cygwin's login is used to switch user context.  On NT, a special privilege
is needed for that.  Without that privilege, a call to switch the user
context, even to that of the current user, will fail.  By default, only
the LocalSystem user has such a privilege (thus, login can be [and is]
used by programs like telnetd and sshd).
P.S. Why would you want to switch the user context to that of the
*current* user, anyway?
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