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Re: Problems compiling trivial C program.

Brian Keener wrote:
> Then for whatever reason, I cannot remember if Max or Chris suggested
> it or I found something on the list archive about it - but I found
> that the read only checkbox on my links on my w2k system was no
> longer checked.  Updating the properties on the symlinks via windows
> properties and checking the box for read-only (or using the attrib
> command) turned them back into symlinks as they should be.  I then
> searched for all the symlinks that I thought should be there and
> rechecked the Read-only flag and things were back to normal.  Now I
> think I saw this in the archive because there it was referred to as
> the system flag and I could only find a readonly but it worked.


>From the User's Guide:

[Talking about the CYGWIN environment variable]

(no)winsymlinks - if set, Cygwin creates symlinks as Windows shortcuts with
a special header and the R/O attribute set. If not set, Cygwin creates
symlinks as plain files with a magic number, a path and the system attribute
set. Defaults to set.

NB: setup creates the magic-number/system-attribute always. (Except in
postinstall scripts, when the installed ln -s is invoked, which honours the
CYGWIN setting).


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