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PHP problem

I think this is a bug somewhere, but I'm not sure. Please help!

Please Cc: me! I'm not on the list. Thank you!


To reproduce:

1. Get netcat for Windows from @Stake, this is a neat tool. We will use it below. This is Cygwin, so you will want the winnt version of netcat.

2. Start apache with: $ apachectl start. Remember to enable PHP4 in your Cygwin setup.

3. Put a simple php script under /var/www/htdocs, say, $ echo "<?php echo \"hello\"; ?>" > echo.php

4. Watch the apache access log in another console window: $ tail -f /var/log/apache/access_log

5. Call on netcat: $ while true; do echo -e "GET /echo.php HTTP/1.1\nHost:\n\n" | nc 80; done

6. Now see the symptom: telnet 80, at the prompt, make a random HTTP request, say, GET / HTTP/1.0, remember to type CR/LF twice at the end of your request, now the cymptom comes out, the HTTP request just hangs, no response from apache.

Watch our log now, we can't see the new request at all. Only after we terminate the while loop for the netcat, can we see the new request coming to the log.

Some more experiments let me believe that it's not a Cygwin Socket Impl. problem, neither Apache's problem, but a PHP problem or a combo. Or, my misunderstanding somewhere. Any suggestions?

I'm doing a very simple web chat room for use by only two persons, and I use the <meta> tag to automatically refresh every 5 seconds. And I saw the above problem, when one browser is in the chat room doing refresh, no other requests appeared in the access_log. Only when that browser left the chatroom, no refresh anymore, can the requests made previouslly appear in the access_log.

Please help!
Thank you!

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