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Anomaly during update by Setup.exe (re-post with compressed attachment)

Hello all,

During the daily update this morning, I saw a slight anomaly while running
Setup. I've attached the setup log.

This is what I got: after download, during un-installation (with no Cygwin 
applications running) I got a message box the cygwin1.dll was missing in 
the PATH - which is a bit normal as it has just been un-installed to be 
updated. It was uninstalling xerces when it complained.

This kinda figures, because there is a "preremove" shell script, which is 
run with sh, which needs the cygwin1 DLL (which was already removed). The 
setup log shows this nicely:

2003/02/10 10:02:18 Starting cygwin install, version
2003/02/10 10:02:18 Current Directory: D:\Cygwin downloads
2003/02/10 10:02:20 source: network install
2003/02/10 10:02:20 root: D:\cygwin binary system
2003/02/10 10:02:21 Selected local directory: D:\Cygwin downloads
2003/02/10 10:02:22 net: Direct
2003/02/10 10:03:38 Uninstalling cygwin
2003/02/10 10:03:42 Uninstalling xerces-c-devel
2003/02/10 10:03:42 running: D:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe -c /etc/preremove/

Preremove scripts also exist for cygwin-doc and gcc-mingw. This means that 
if Cygwin and one of these packages are simultaniously updated, the (IMHO 
anomalous) message box complaining about an absent cygwin1.dll will 
appear. Some dependency tracking of the updated packages may be in order 
if this is to be fixed (not uninstalling a package unless all packages to 
be uninstalled that depend in it have effectively been uninstalled, in 
stead of alphabetical order).

I am not familiar with the Setup code, so I can send a patch for this 
problem, at least for the time being.. just thought you might like to know 
anyway :)



NB: I cross-posted this to both cygwin@... and cygwin-apps@... because (as 
    I understand it) this is on-topic on both lists. Forgive me if that 
    was a mistake... 
NNB: I had to re-post this to at least because the 
     attachment was apparently too large. If this means that some got the 
     message twice on cygwin-apps, I apologize (but I haven't seen it 
     arrive there either, so I don't think it'll be the case)

Attachment: setup.log.full.gz
Description: Compressed setup log

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