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Re: Question about latest build - openssh-3.5p1-2


Thank you for the quick feedback, Corinna!  What follows is what I've done
so far to try to figure out what is causing my problem.  I doubt, seriously,
that anyone is going to read this and solve the problem for me, but perhaps
one or more readers can suggest things to look at or tools that might help
me in diagnosis.

To restate the problem,
I use ssh to connect to a Linux box from Cygwin.  On the 6th I suddenly
found that vim (enhanced) on the linux host was no longer useable.  Vim
would load a text file, but almost any input produced a series of beeps and
streams of trash chars at the bottom of the screen.  Ctrl-Z worked most of
the time to get me out of vim, but it would be followed by a lot of beeps and
a fair time delay before the shell prompt appeared.  The first input to the
shell would then produce varying amounts of garbage output (e.g.
^[[?6c^[[?6c^[[?6c^[[?6c).  Sometimes bash on the linux system would then
give another prompt, other times the connection would hang and the Cygwin
bash window on Windows NT4 would have to be killed or even sometimes
bash would generate a DrWatson and then have to be killed.

On the 5th I upgraded the kernel and vim (5.7 -> 6.1) on the linux box and
installed the latest tidy and python on my Cygwin machine. The linux box
is an important server so I can't roll back the kernel but I did try rolling back
vim to 5.7 on linux, without benefit.  I can't imagine that the two Cygwin pkgs
contributed to the problem.

For reasons now forgotten, I tried rolling back Cygwin's ssh-3.5p1-3 to
3.5p1-2 and found that I no longer had the vim problem when connected to
the linux host.  I put dash-3 back and the problem was back, then again the
dash-2 and it was gone.  This gave me hope, however short-lived.

Finally, the vim problem only occurs when the linux env var TERM=linux,
but not when it is set to 'vt100'.  Of course, there is lost functionality with
vt100 - this is a useable workaround but really not an acceptable fix.

I've now built openssh-3.5p1-3 and openssh-3.5p1-2 from src on Cygwin
and installed each in turn.  The new 3.5p1-3 did not fix the problem and
the newly-built 3.5p1-2 failed to eliminate the problem, too.

What's worse, I reinstalled opessh-3.5p1-2 from setup.exe and now the
problem persists under that, too.

I've now upgraded from openssl-0.9.6g to openssh-0.9.7 and rebuilt and
reinstalled openssh-3.5p1 on the linux host and tried connections thru
that with both the linux vim's, 5.7 and 6.1... no joy.  I've tried rolling Cywin
back to 1.18 and 1.19, using various combinations of Cygwin openssh
and linux vim's.  I've now lost any way of getting proper vim terminal
control with TERM=linux on the remote linux host

Does anyone want to venture any ideas, suggestions?  Is there something
glaringly obvious that I've missed looking at in my frustration?

Doug Wyatt

On 9 Feb 2003 at 12:24, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 05:19:37AM -0600, Doug Wyatt wrote:
> > Is it possible that 3.5p1-3 was built somehow differently than 3.5p1-2?
> No.  I'm using 3.5p1-3 with Linux w/o problems btw.
> > What were the exact options used to configure and build each?  I don't
> > see any documentation of this in the source.
> /usr/doc/Cygwin/openssh-3.5p1-3.README at the very end.
> Add a --with-tcp-wrappers (which I forgot to add in the README).
> Corinna
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