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"Couldn not exec" error message

Lets give this one more try.  It appears that my original request for help was
met with some slight hostility by some list serv purists/ watch dogs.  
Quite simply, I've installed cygwin with a whole slew of packages.  I was
rocking and rolling.  I was sshing under window maker with the best of them. 
One day, I made the mistake of reinstalling cygwin.  Now when ever I start the
X server I get a "Couldn not exec" error message and them my server dies!  
Let me clear up any confusion.  I don't think this is a bug with XFree. I am
not claiming XFree is broken and no, I don't want to search the bug list!  What
I am saying is that the xterm and console windows are always displaying this
error message followed by some (maybe 2?) garbled characters and then the whole
server dies within a couple of seconds.  I surmise that this is some funky
installation problem since everything worked before.
When I start a cygwin bash or tcsh shell via a NT window, this message doesn't
appear.  When X starts up, the default start up script creates 3 windows (1
console and 2 xterm).  Each and everyone of these windows displays the same
exact message and then everything barfs.  
Any ideas?


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