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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] tcsh-6.12.00-2 and file-3.39-1 announcements

On Sat, Feb 08, 2003 at 11:43:44PM -0800, Wilson Hsieh wrote:
> I'm having problems with this version of tcsh: it
> is doing some weird things with newlines.
> Here is a transcript of exactly what happens,
> with comments:
> wilson@XP ~              # first prompt on startup
> $ cat > .tcshrc          # dump into .tcshrc
> set prompt = FOO         
>                          # ctrl-D
> wilson@XP ~              # next prompt
> $ exec tcsh              # let's give it a try
> FOO^M                    # where did the ^M come from?
> This problem did not exist in the previous version.
> My .bashrc and .bash_profile are empty, so I have
> no clue what's going on.  Thanks,

Thanks for the report.  There were actually quite a few changes from
the Cygwin 6.11.00 version missing.  I've just uploaded a new version.


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