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Re: 1.3.19: fork() strange memory leak under W2K

> Some time ago, when I was using at home 1.3.18 version of
> CygWin under Windows  2000  Workstation  +  SP3,  I
> discovered  that every command execution  lead to some memory
> leak. It's especially noticeably when I try  to  run large
> scripts (like "configure") - the memory loading (as viewed
> in  Task  Manager)  grow  to  its physical size and next I
> get message like this:
>       0 [main] sh 35620 sync_with_child: child 35636(0xDC)
> died before initialization with status code 0x80
>    6847 [main] sh 35620 sync_with_child: *** child state
> waiting for longjmp
> ./../ltconfig: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable
> After this, any process can't be started without rebooting
> (or killing other process).
> Recently,  I  upgraded  my  system  to Windows 2000 Server +
> SP3 (with total precleanup) and CygWin 1.3.19, but problem is
> there as before. :(
> [...]
> It's very strange, but all this works nice at my work on
> computer with Windows 2000 Workstation + SP3! My home
> computer hardware is AMD Duron 800  MHz,  Abit KT7A
> Motherboard, 256 MB RAM; at work Celeron 800 MHz, Acorp  i815
>  Motherboard,  128  MB  RAM. The difference is also in the
> filesystems: FAT32 at home and NTFS at work.
> [...]

Sorry for the "me too" on this, but well Me too ;-)

I am unable to test this on a FAT32 partition as I don't have one on my or
any other system I work with. Perhaps you could provide strace output? Igor
gave some very good pointers ("Re: rcs ci and co hang") on this list a few
days ago, although it's not the same issue, you could use some of the
instructions to gather the strace output and send some/it to the list.

If it does reach an outrageous size, or you're not to sure what it means, I
don't mind if you send it to me off-list and I'll take a gander (compressed
ofcourse ;-)...


Elfyn McBratney

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