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RE: Help with xargs and output redirection.

No - not really.

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) []
Sent: Saturday, February 08, 2003 5:26 PM
To: Rajagopalan, Raghu (CCL); ''
Subject: Re: Help with xargs and output redirection.

At 05:23 PM 2/8/2003, Rajagopalan, Raghu (CCL) wrote:
>         I've been working on a problem and havent found a way out yet. The
>problem is as follows:
>I have a list of files in a folder. I want to run a perl script on each of
>them and redirect the output to the filename with a suffix (ie if there are
>5 files initially then after the script has run, there should be 10 files -
>5 original files and 5 output files)
>I tried 
>ls --color=none *.cls|xargs -i basename {}|xargs -i perl
>~/Unix/Perl/ \{\}.cls "> {}_Prof.cls"
>but this doesnt seem to work...
>Any help appreciated...please copy to my id.

Is this a Cygwin specific issue?

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