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Re: The cygwin mailing lists are rather archaic and cumbersome aren't they...?

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 07:16:31PM -0000, Stephen Ford wrote:
>I was rather surprised at the cumbersome nature of the Cygwin mailing
>lists.  There are difficult to manage, and the fact that all mails
>appear in your mailbox, whether related to a post or not is, not what I
>would have expected.  The Cygwin environment is very comprehensive, but
>something as simple as a poor support system (and compared with all the
>others I use, this is poor) can restrict interest.
>Sorry to be critical, but I was taken a-back.  Is it going to be
>improved by using a newsgroup for example?

A "mailing list" uses "email" for its communication mechanism.

Apparently either you or your email reader lacks the skills to do the
filtering required to put cygwin mailing list traffic into a separate
folder.  I'd suggest that you probably should investigate how to do
this.  That's how I, and countless other people read the cygwin mailing
list.  If you do a google search for the term "mailing list" I think
you'll see that this is a pretty popular method for disseminating
information so getting email software that do this type of filtering for
you and learning how to use it will be beneficial.

I see that the announcement of the gmane cygwin newsgroup has fallen off
the bottom of the main cygwin web page so I can't in good conscience use
my usual "use the web page" rebuke.  You can find a link to it on this
page, however: .

I assume that this will satisfy your needs.  If it doesn't we'll cheerfully
refund your purchase price.


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