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Re: The Cygwin mailing lists are rather archaic and cumbersome aren't they...?


Gmane has a Cygwin list mirroring group. The consensus among the users and especially the doers is that a mailing list suits Cygwin best.

This is an old and recurring topic. Please review the copious postings that have gone before. If you have something genuinely new to contribute, then let us know about it.

As far as Cygwin "support" goes, it's primarily supplies by the user community, with authoritative input from the principals and package maintainers, who monitor this list closely.

Randall Schulz

At 11:16 2003-02-07, Stephen Ford wrote:
I was rather surprised at the cumbersome nature of the Cygwin mailing lists.
There are difficult to manage, and the fact that all mails appear in your
mailbox, whether related to a post or not is, not what I would have
expected. The Cygwin environment is very comprehensive, but something as
simple as a poor support system (and compared with all the others I use,
this is poor) can restrict interest.

Sorry to be critical, but I was taken a-back. Is it going to be improved by
using a newsgroup for example?

Stephen Ford

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