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Re: I can't exit emacs

"Stephen Ford" <> wrote:

>Larry, Hello...
><<..check the email archives for the Emacs package announcement..>>
>Initial searches ("emacs") retrieved so much that I was overwhelmed. 
 Read Larry's advice more closely.  Check for words "Announcement" and "emacs".

>Google with "cygwin cannot exit emacs" but did not get a useful result.
><<..information there about setting 'tty' in your CYGWIN environment
 Search on "cygwin" "emacs" "environment".  It should point you to
 Read this message carefully.

Note: /usr/doc/Cygwin/emacs-21.2-12.README should have a reference to this critical information.

Note2:  You need to question whether you really want to run cygwin emacs.
  NTemacs, Xemacs for Windows, and cygwin Xemacs are all preferable in certain respects.

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