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Re: I can't exit emacs


On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Stephen Ford wrote:

> Larry, Hello...
> <<..Check if you're running Cygwin's version of Emacs first..>>
> I assume it is - I've only just installed cygwin and I didn't have emacs
> prior to the install.

Try "cygcheck -c emacs"...

> <<..check the email archives for the Emacs package announcement..>>
> Initial searches ("emacs") retrieved so much that I was overwhelmed. Tried
> Google with "cygwin cannot exit emacs" but did not get a useful result.

Try searching the cygwin-announce archives.

> <<..information there about setting 'tty' in your CYGWIN environment
> variable..>>
> An intuitive thought made me suspect terminal settings but I didn't know
> where to start looking. I will chase this. However, my PC is bog-std so
> would not really expect a setup problem. All things possible I suppose...
> Regards
> Stephen Ford

Oh, and to exit the session of emacs you have currently running, try
M-x save-buffers-kill-emacs
(I'm surprised noone has mentioned that one -- in a "how do I exit vi"
post anyone would have mentioned ":q!" :-D)

Hope this helps,
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