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[ANNOUNCEMENT] CMake 1.6.3-1

CMake 1.6.3-1 is now available on Cygwin mirrors.

This is a minor release from CMake version 1.6.1, that fixes a few problems
with the EXPORT_LIBRARY_DEPENDENCIES command and NOTFOUND variables.  

Version 1.6 includes a number of new features to help make project management easier. Version 1.6 include TRY_COMPILE and TRY_RUN  which can be used to test for features of the compiler or system that you are on. The MACRO command allows repeated CMakeLists code to be encapsulated into a macro. If you need to perform very complex operations the LOAD_COMMAND command allows you to write your own CMake command using a C API that can be compiled and loaded into CMake as part of the configuration process. Version 1.6 includes a wxWindows based GUI for use on MacOSX. This version includes a number of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. The Modules directory includes a number of new tests and macros that can be used in your projects. CMake 1.6 can be obtained from the <> with source code and binaries for a variety of platforms. Thanks to all who contributed source code, modules, !
ck, and bug reports.

See for more information.

Bill Hoffman 
Cygwin CMake maintainer

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