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Re: rcs ci and co hang


On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Michael Drumheller wrote:

> I just tried running strace, and apparently I'm too much of
> a rookie at it, because when I killed it it seemed to leave
> a file under my RCS directory called _0002016, which seems
> to be impossible for me to remove by any means.  That is a
> little worrisome.
> Anyway, the test case is trivial.  Let foo.txt be any text
> file.  Just type 'ci foo.txt'.  It hangs immediately.  Here
> is an example of what my screen looks like when it hangs:

Please run the following from a bash prompt:

1) "which ci" and "type -a ci", and paste the output of both in your
2) "cygcheck -svr > cygcheck.txt", and include cygcheck.txt as an
   uncompressed text attachment, as Elfyn recommended
3) "strace -o ci.strace -w ci foo.txt &", wait until ci hangs (you'll see
   its output in a separate window), and look at the end of ci.strace for
   clues.  You may be asked to post it (compressed) later (it might be a
   good idea to paste the output of "wc /tmp/ci.strace", and, maybe,
   "tail -10 ci.strace" before ci is killed, into your message, though).

By the way, it's only worth doing steps 2 and 3 if step 1 shows something
like "/bin/ci" or "/usr/bin/ci" as the first entry in both cases.  If
you get any other result, you're most likely not running the Cygwin RCS,
so this would be off-topic anyway.
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