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Re: rcs ci and co hang

> I just tried running strace, and apparently I'm too much of
> a rookie at it, because when I killed it it seemed to leave
> a file under my RCS directory called _0002016, which seems
> to be impossible for me to remove by any means.  That is a
> little worrisome.

Look at the bottom of this...

> Anyway, the test case is trivial.  Let foo.txt be any text
> file.  Just type 'ci foo.txt'.  It hangs immediately.  Here
> is an example of what my screen looks like when it hangs:

I tried your example and I didn't get a hang. I tried it using only a
touched file, a text file with unix line endings and a text file with dos
line endings... :/

Cat you send the output of `cygcheck -svr' as a non-compressed plain-text
attachment to the list please :::::::::::-)

>    03-02-06:15:51:14:/cygdrive/c/TIACore=> ci -mMyMessage foo.txt
>    RCS/foo.txt,v  <--  foo.txt
>       <hangs here forever, until I ctrl-C out if it, at which point it
>       says "cleaning up" etc.>
> Not that I am using an "RCS" subdirectory for storing my comma-v files
> (or I would *like* to, if any of this worked) but that does not seem
> to matter.  It fails whether I use an RCS subdir or not.
> To show you the whole pattern:
>    03-02-06:15:49:13:/cygdrive/c/TIACore=> ci Agent.cpp
>    RCS/Agent.cpp,v  <--  Agent.cpp
>    RCS: Interrupt                                  <---I killed it here.
>    RCS: Cleaning up.
>    03-02-06:15:51:12:/cygdrive/c/TIACore=>
> If you search on the Web you will see many references to this problem.
> A couple that seem to be relevant are:
> (<--See the
> I hope this helps.  This is a major cygwin showstopper for me.
> Thanks very much for your help & interest.
> Yours,
> Mike
> P.S.  Do you have any idea how to get rid of that _0002016 file under
> my RCS directory?
> When I tried to do it from the DOS shell, this is what happened:
> C:\TIACore\RCS>dir
>  Volume in drive C has no label.
>  Volume Serial Number is 07D2-060C
>  Directory of C:\TIACore\RCS
> 02/05/2003  10:27p      <DIR>          .
> 02/05/2003  10:27p      <DIR>          ..
> 02/06/2003  02:11p                   0 _0002016
> 02/06/2003  03:51p                   0 ,foo.txt,
> 02/06/2003  03:51p                   0 _0002164
>                3 File(s)              0 bytes
>                2 Dir(s)  28,407,824,384 bytes free

Hmmm thats odd, I don't get the same results with rcs as you do so that's
expected ;-) Try rebooting and I'm guessing you have admin privs so if after
a reboot you still get  apermissions error just reset the security on the


Elfyn McBratney

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