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RE: I Don't Have Any Excuses

Subject: FINAL NOTICE - Your Account will be DELETED, $500.00
drawing  !

This is your final notice.
If you have already locked in your position with Sales-O-matic system then
disregard this email and use the removal link at the bottom.

If you have NOT signed up, then you need to do it right
NOW because SalesOmatic is still holding your position and we have
people that are waiting to be placed under you. You need to
confirm or you're going to miss out on getting paid on your team !

I'm confused. Why haven't you confirmed yet? We place
everyone under you and then notified you when you
had a GUARANTEED Group !

You don't need to do anything but go to:

and just put in your name, phone number and email address,then click
on the "Win Me ! $500.00 US Dollar sign " AFTER you input your information

As SOON As we have the rest of your information we'll begin placing
people under you right away.

We can't put anyone there until you confirm.
So do it right now, before you do anything else! I
don't want you to miss out on this.

Just go to:

PS. If you are no longer interested in turning your
computer into a CASH COW, please remove yourself below so
we can place all these people under someone else who is ready.
If you have already confirmed your position then click on the
removal link below. Either way we need to know if you're in or
you're out because these people need to be placed quickly.

If you do not wish to receive any further messages from us, please 
send a blank e-mail to with the 
word "Remove" in the subject. 

This option will not affect any preferences you may have previously
 expressed with respect to other emails. 

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