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crontab -u


 I have cron running successfully on my Win2000 server.  I use it to run =
a job every 10 minutes.  In the job, I specify that if an error is =
found, e-mail the admin and then change the crontab file to no longer =
run the job. To do this, I am trying to use the command "crontab -u =
Administrator stop_extract". Stop_extract is a text file with the =
crontab details that I want to load. Administrator is the user that I =
want to change the crontab file for.

 When I use cygwin I am automatically logged in as Administrator in =
bash. At the command line I have used  "crontab start_extract" to set =
the crontab file and I have used "crontab stop_extract" to set the =
crontab file. I confirm that both of those commands are valid and the =
system behaves properly when each of those files is loaded into crontab.

 When I put my code together, I initially used "crontab stop_extract" to =
alter the crontab in case of an error. However, crontab runs as SYSTEM. =
It would not undo the crontab file for the Administrator, so, I tired to =
use the -u function. When I use the -u parameter, I get a message saying =
"must be privileged to use -u".

 Does anyone know how to get -u to work? Or does anyone have a =
suggestion for another method I can use to systematically unset crontab?


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