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Re: 1.3.20

Michael H. Cox wrote:
(BTW, the tag cygwin-1-3-19-1 isn't in the list of available tags in cvsweb
at, but it
is in CVS.)

I only got a portion of the source files (the files under
src/winsup/cygwin).  If I don't use the tag, I get all the sources, but I'm
getting files off the MAIN trunk that aren't tagged with cygwin-1-3-19-1.  I
don't think that's what I want since I'll be getting changes that have
occurred since the 1.3.19-1 release.  How do I get the versions of w32api,
newlib, etc. that were used to build 1.3.19-1 out of CVS?
It appears there was a little slip-up with 1.3.19-1. Looking at e.g.
it's tagged with all the other cygwin version numbers, but not cygwin-1-3-19-1. I think it's simply been accidentally missed from the tag (i.e. someone did the tag at winsup/cygwin, not winsup).

Chris says the tags are for his own use anyway, so evidently you're meant to use the source packages for 1.3.19-1 using setup.exe, use the CVS HEAD. See my earlier mails in this thread for how to avoid some of the potential problems with the 1.3.19-1 source packages ;).

P.S.  Jifl, welcome to the cygwin mailing list ;-).

eCosCentric       <>
--[ "You can complain because roses have thorns, or you ]--
--[  can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Lincoln   ]-- Opinions==mine

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