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Re: cygpath bug v1.25/Build Jan 23, 2003

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Brian McColgan wrote:

> [snip]
>   Thank you for pointing me at the snapshots.  I will go there from now on
> to get updates for the Cygwin core.
> Cheers, Brian.

Umm, please don't, unless you are asked to try one (or unless you want to
be on the "bleeding edge" of Cygwin development).  Snapshots are the
latest, but not necessarily the greatest, versions of Cygwin.  They are,
in a sense, alpha releases.  There might be some unfixed bugs lurking
around, as well as work-in-progress.  The official releases of Cygwin are
packaged when the developers are satisfied that, to the best of their
knowledge, the current round of changes they were making is complete.
So, unless you are asked to, please don't use snapshots...

Oh, and those of us who do want "bleeding edge" compile the DLL from CVS
ourselves, anyway.  Snapshots are *so-o-o* out-of-date. ;-)
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