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Re: 1.3.20

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 02:49:43AM -0700, Michael H. Cox wrote:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> > To quote from the FAQ:
>> >
>> > "As of this writing, you need to install at least the cygwin source
>> > package and the w32api source package.
>> >
>> > It is possible that the cygwin source package may require a newer
>> > version of the w32api package since the release of the packages is not
>> > always in lock step (another reason to just use CVS)."
>> Otherwise why do you even bother giving people sources if you only intend
>> them to use (the occasionally broken) CVS?
>Excuse me for butting in on this thread, but I'm having trouble using the
>cygwin CVS respository and since CVS seems to be the preferred method...
>I'm trying to build a debug version of cygwin1.dll to help debug a problem
>I'm having.  I'd like to retrieve the source files used to build cygwin
>1.3.19-1 from CVS.  Following the instructions at
>I tried to checkout this version  using:
>	cvs checkout -r
>cygwin-1-3-19-1 winsup

You are replying to a thread with the subject "1.3.20".  It makes no
sense for you to be using 1.3.19 sources to track down your problem.
Doesn't it make sense that there is a possibility that whatever problem
you're experiencing might already be solved in CVS?

If you did debug your problem and managed to come up with a patch, then,
again, it *makes no sense* for you to provide a patch against older
sources.  There is, once again, a likelihood that your patch wouldn't
apply against the newer sources.

>(BTW, the tag cygwin-1-3-19-1 isn't in the list of available tags in cvsweb
>, but it
>is in CVS.)

That's because the version tags are for my benefit.  They are not intended
for checking out a cygwin release.  As Max has pointed out, to do that, I'd
have to tag large parts of the sourceware repository.

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