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Re: Detecting text type in a shell script

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Have you tried linking you app with -lbinmode ? That should force all
> file access to be binary, whatever the mount.

No - but that's a very good point - worth trying out. Thanks a bunch.

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, David Robinow wrote:

> Has it occurred to you that a better solution might be to fix your
> software so that it works properly with text mounts?

"No can do."

Our software does, but third-party software it relies on and it is
distributed with apparently does not. I already have about 20 lines of
shell with gory sed's and the like to patch the source code of those
third-party packages in case Cygwin is detected (I can't assume "patch"
is available), and I am *not* going to go through the source code of a
bunch of external packages to fix all the possible problems there can
be with text mounts. And before you ask, no, the people who develop
those third-party packages won't fix them.

It is much easier for me to tell people at installation time "DOS type
detected, which is unsuitable, compile at your own risk" or to use Max's
suggestion and try to write a kludge that forces -lbinmode everywhere if
Cygwin is detected.

Note that this stuff isn't even *supposed* to run under Windows, thank
God (or to the Cygwin developers in that case) for small miracles.

Anyway, thanks again for the tips, Max. Highly appreciated.

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