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Re: 1.3.20

Michael H. Cox wrote:
> Excuse me for butting in on this thread, but I'm having trouble using
> the cygwin CVS respository and since CVS seems to be the preferred
> method...


> I'm trying to build a debug version of cygwin1.dll to help debug a
> problem I'm having.  I'd like to retrieve the source files used to
> build cygwin 1.3.19-1 from CVS.  Following the instructions at
> I tried to checkout this version  using:
> cvs checkout -r
> cygwin-1-3-19-1 winsup
> (BTW, the tag cygwin-1-3-19-1 isn't in the list of available tags in
> cvsweb at
> but it is in CVS.)
> I only got a portion of the source files (the files under
> src/winsup/cygwin).  If I don't use the tag, I get all the sources,
> but I'm getting files off the MAIN trunk that aren't tagged with
> cygwin-1-3-19-1.

Yes. Cygwin incorporates things like newlib from outside winsup. Since
cygwin does not own these, they don't get tagged. I assume the newlib people
object to having loads of cygwin tags in their bit of src.

>  I don't think that's what I want since I'll be
> getting changes that have occurred since the 1.3.19-1 release.  How
> do I get the versions of w32api, newlib, etc. that were used to build
> 1.3.19-1 out of CVS?

Tricky. Do you need to? Why not just build from HEAD, and see if your
problem still exists? If it doesn't - great! If it does - you don't need to
struggle with CVS to get it to give you the right files.

If you really do need 1.3.19-1 specifically, I suggest you use the tarball -
it *should* be buildable - otherwise there is not a lot of point in having


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