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Re: /usr/local/lib on library path

Ehm.. why?

Try a gcc -print-search-dirs on any *NIX of GNU box and see if 
/usr/local/lib is in there. On my Linux box, this gives:


and on my FreeBSD box this gives:

so I see no reason for Cygwin to add it when Linux and BSD don't (not that 
Linux and BSD are the only relevant systems to compare to, of course)


On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Isaque Galdino wrote:

> > From the gcc info (`info gcc`), chapter "Environment variabl
> es":
> >      The value of `LIBRARY_PATH' is a colon-
> separated list of
> That's ok, but shouldn't it be already been configured by 
> cygwin environment?
> Isaque Galdino
> "Free as a penguim" - maybe The Beatles were trying to 
> say that! :)
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