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Re: missing cygprce.dll

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 11:34:18PM -0500, bob davis wrote:

> I just installed the latest cygwin 1.3.19-1 .
> When I run grep I get a dialog with missing cygprce.dll
> I run dumpbin on grep.exe and I can see the cygprce.dll import.
> It looks like a regular expression library. I have searched the mailing 
> list and the web site for the dll and I cant find it.

Presumably you used Cygwin's setup.exe to install grep, and it should've
added pcre to the download list automatically, since it's in the dependency
list.  But maybe you deselected pcre, in which case the Setup program
should probably give you a warning, but maybe it doesn't. (?)  Or maybe
the download/extraction failed for some reason, but this wasn't made
obvious, who knows.

On the other hand, and you're a bit of a masochist who downloaded
grep*.tar.bz2 yourself and extracted it manually to your Cygwin root folder
then this is the situation you may find yourself in.  One way around this
(if you have a REALLY good reason to avoid using Cygwin Setup) is to
download setup.ini from your favorite Cygwin mirror, find the package
you're trying to install (eg. grep) and look at the "requires:" line that
follows, eg.

@ grep
sdesc: "GNU grep, egrep and fgrep"
requires: ash cygwin libintl1 pcre

Then find these packages in the same list, and look at their dependencies,
and so on.  (Which, among the things, is what Cygwin Setup does, strangely

One of the current deficiencies of the Setup program is that it doesn't
give a list of dependencies for each package.  (Also, the Setup window
could be bigger, or at least resizable, so the user doesn't need to
horizontally scroll the package list as much.)  Maybe in a future version.
I can understand if these things aren't high on the Cygwin team's priority
list though.


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