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username problem

Hello everyone. 

Before I describe the problem, I wanted to ask to include my email address 

in the CC field if possible since I am not on the list. I have some 
problems which might be related. 

I just installed the latest cygwin on my Win2K machine. When I open a 
shell, my prompt is "t-ow@naddaf2". On the other hand, "id" reports my 
username as "anaddaf" which is the username that I use when I login to my 
Win2K machine. I saw similar postings and the suggested solution was to 
update the /etc/passwd file but in my case, it won't do any good since my 
/etc/password is identical to the "mkpassword -l".

What is puzzling me is that the user "anaddaf" which "id" reports doesn't 
even exist in the /etc/passwd, nor does "t-ow". When I open the shell, it 
takes me to the /home/Administrator directory. If I create a file, the 
"owner/group" of my file will be set to "anaddaf/mkgroup" and again 
"mkgroup" doesn't even exist in the /etc/group file.

I also noticed that commands such as "chmod" or "chown" don't do anything. 

So for example "chmod a-r filename" doesn't change the "read" permission 
on the "filename" at all! This might be related to the above issue.

I would appreciate any help. 

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