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[PATCH] TERM=cygwin missing in the output of dircolors from fileutils-4.1-1


This is primarily addressed to Chris Faylor (as the fileutils maintainer).
I've submitted a patch that includes TERM=cygwin in the dircolors output
back in October 2002 (<>).
This seems to have been slipped through the cracks.

I'm aware that we are on the latest version of GNU fileutils, but, as the
patch is specific to Cygwin, would this make it worthwhile to release
fileutils-4.1-2?  I haven't seen any complaints about it lately, though,
so no rush, I guess...
2002-10-16  Igor Pechtchanski <>

	* dircolors.h (G_line): Add "TERM=cygwin".
	(G_line_length): Adjust accordingly.
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