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Re: Packaging software built with cygwin

Cutting through the noise:

1) In an open source, volunteer project there are no guarantees that
   anything will be fixed.  We do the best we can given our interests
   and time.  However, you should be reporting cygwin bugs to the cygwin
   mailing list if you want the possibility of getting them fixed.  You
   can use as a guide for how to submit bugs.

   No, I don't care to hear from the multitude of people in your project
   who are leaving cygwin because of all of their serious problems.  Good
   luck to them with MinGW, Interix, U/WIN, or whereever they've decided
   to use.  I'm only interested in actual bug reports.  I can do something
   with a bug report.  I can't do a single thing with "Every cygwin release
   breaks Hercules" or "Cygwin has too many bugs, so I'm giving up on it".

   I'm sure you know that neither of the above are bug reports.  They are
   basically just noise.  I don't have enough "copious spare time" to devote
   to wheedling details out of people.  YMMV.

2) I am not trying to blindside you by suggesting that you can distribute
   the Cygwin source tar ball so that Red Hat lawyers could go after you later.
   No, I'm not going to give you anything in writing.  I'm not going to
   set that precedent.  There are plenty of sites on the internet who are
   distributing the source tarballs without an official signature from Red Hat.

3) I find all GPL discussions uninteresting and unproductive.  I really really
   hope you can avoid any more harping on this.

4) I'm sorry that none of the suggestions put forth here are satisfactory
   to you.  I'm out of ideas, so that will probably be it for me in this
   thread unless there is a specific bug report that needs addressing.

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