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Bug found - 'cygpath' v1.25/Build Date Jan 23, 2003...

Hope I am doing this 'bug submission' correclty, I noticed many other issues relating to 'cygpath' so this _may_ be an overlap.

Running the following cygpath command (for the aforementioned build) gives me a 'core dump':

'cygpath --path --windows /usr/ant/lib/xml-apis.jar:/usr/ant/lib/xercesImpl.jar:/usr/ant/lib/optional.jar:/usr/ant/lib/ant.jar:.:/usr/local/jmf/JMF21~1.1/lib/sound.jar:/usr/local/jmf/JMF21~1.1/lib/jmf.jar:/c/WINDOWS/java/classes:/usr/junit/junit.jar

This is actually the '$LOCALCLASSPATH' computed by the $ANT_HOME/ant shell script (it is asking Cygwin to convert it _back_ to a Window's path). Unfortunately, I receive a SIGNAL(11) and the entire ant shell script dies a horrible death.

I have included the core file which cygpath kindly generated. BTW, I d/l'd the previous version (it actually indicates the same version except the build date was/is Dec 25, 2002) and this same 'cygpath' command works just fine! So I am a little miffed.

Please let me know if you have problems re-creating. I can if necessary install the Cygwin source and debug it myself. NOTE: I consider this a SHOW-STOPPER as it currently breaks 1.5.1 of Ant.

Thanks again,

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