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Re: Why won't my files link?


Well, this certainly is better than what you had before.  Although it
still doesn't provide the exact error messages, it provides enough
information to make a guess as to why your link doesn't work.  It's
possible that you're referring to some symbols in a library that's missing
from your system.  As I said earlier, without the exact error message it's
hard to provide a more concrete guess.
P.S. This has nothing to do with header files.  If there were an error in
a header file, your program modules would not even *compile*.  As I
understood you, the compilation proceeds fine, and the errors appear at
the *linking* stage.  Depending on which symbol name is considered
unresolved, it could be a problem with your code, with libraries, or with
gcc options.

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Nick Miller wrote:

> Okay... I believe that I understand the stages of compiling better than
> was shown in the e-mail I had previously sent.  Also, I included the full
> list of commands I have been using in the initial e-mail that I sent to
> the Cygwin list.  Here they are below...
> gcc -c fun.c
> gcc -c main.c
> The above commands should make the ".o" object files...
> Then, I already have...
> io_functions.o
> io_functions.h
> fun.h
> Then, in main.c I am saying,
> #include "io_functions.h"
> #include "fun.h"
> Then, I am using this command below to do the linking...
> gcc -o main fun.o io_functions.o main.o
> So, the idea here is that I have these three files that are somewhat
> dependent on each other and I want to make the final executable called
> "main".  When I do this process on a Linux machine using the same exact
> files, it works fine.  When I do this in Cygwin, I am getting errors along
> the lines of "reference to undefined *thing*"...  I would include the
> exact error messages right now, but I am not at my home computer and do
> not have a copy of Cygwin on this public machine to test with.  Basically
> it looks as if my INCLUDE statements are not doing what they are supposed
> to, and that particular functions are not being found correctly.  As I
> wrote before, I believe that for some reason there is some problem with
> file access or something...
> All of my files are in...  C:/cygwin/home/Owner, so I would assume that
> the linking of the files should not be a problem.  However, it seems that
> something is not working.  I hope that this has clarified my problem(s).
> Please let me know if you have additional suggestions.  Thank you so much!
> Nick

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