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Re: How to distribuite an application built under Cygwin ! HELP !

> Hi,
> I built an application under Cygwin and i want to
> install it on another pc; so i tryed to copy the files
> on this pc and i tryed to use the command "mount"
> trying to mount the directory where i decided to put
> the files but when i launch a executable file of this
> built application i got the error bad command.
> Any suggestion ?
> Cheers.

As Max said you need to give a little more info on what exactly has failed.

A little pointer:

When reporting problems it's always a good idea to let us know of what
version of cygwin your using, if you encounter errors, exactly what error
messages where you recieving (Paste the error messages), also give adding
the commands you used, in this case what did you do with mount.

Take a look at <>

If what you did was compile Sid from s.r.c then generally all you need to do
is tar it up and extract it on the target machine (cygwin installation). You
shouldn't have to do anything to do with mount. Again let us know what
exactly you are trying to accomplish ;-)


Elfyn McBratney

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