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Re: 1.3.20

Jonathan Larmour wrote:

I was building natively on cygwin.
This *may*, I repeat *may*, be relevant. I dunno about now, but in the past there have been times when cygwin would build fine on Chris' linux-based cross compiler setup, but wouldn't build natively. (and vice versa, IIRC).

I also had to symlink winsup/w32api to the separate w32api package sources.

No, the current GCC (3.2) that cygwin's setup.exe lets me download.

The reason is this in winsup/

if test -d $srcdir/w32api; then
echo "*** missing w32api directory" 1>&2
exit 1

Since cygwin and w32api source packages are distributed separately
Err, kinda. The sources are really set up for building from a CVS checkout -- which pulls the w32api stuff along with it. But, if someone were to try to build from the packaged -src tarballs, they would need to either pull the w32api*-src tarball also, or create the symlink you mention.

Perhaps we do need an "Idiot's Guide to Compiling Cygwin". Then again, maybe we don't really WANT a bunch of challenged people compiling cygwin from scratch... 8->

I didn't think cygwin used cross builds for releases any more either.)
Bzzt. Every cgf-built release, which is to say all of them, are built on a linux box.

Whatever way, I don't believe your tone was warranted.

Oh, and configuring with --prefix <blah> doesn't work, although --prefix=<blah> does :-).

What in the world, are you talking about?  Are you completely unfamiliar
with autoconf?  Do you think that cygwin has some special version of
Now hold on -- this is probably my fault. I dunno if the wrapper scripts handle both cases. If they don't, then there are a number of workarounds:
#1: don't do that.
#2: export PATH=/usr/autotool/stable/bin:${PATH}
#3: send me patches to fix the wrappers

baseargs=`echo " ${ac_configure_args} " | \
        sed -e 's/ --no[[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ --c[[a-z-]]*[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ --sr[[a-z-]]*[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ --ho[[a-z-]]*[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ --bu[[a-z-]]*[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ --t[[a-z-]]*[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ -cache-file[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ -srcdir[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ -host[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ -build[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ -target[[= ]][[^ ]]* / /' \
            -e 's/ [[^ -][^ ]*] / /' \
            -e 's/^ *//;s/ *$//'`
Or maybe it ISN'T my fault...

I would be grateful in future if you could remember that some people reporting problems are not dumb, are perfectly capable of solving these problems, and are prepared to help fix them for the benefit of others in future. And not all problems are intrinsically the fault of the reporter just because they aren't the experiences in different environments.
Sure, but cgf can be forgiven for playing the house odds -- the deck is stacked, you know.


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