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RE: logis as root?

>Looks fine.  You can just paste all 4 of the above mount lines into
your shell.  This will re-mount all of your standard mounts as "system"
mounts, which will be seen by all users.

Ok, I'll try to do this.

>The uid is hard-coded into the program source, at least in the case of
inetutils and procmail...  You can change the privileges of other
accounts to approach those of LocalSystem, but *this is not

It's true, however...

 >You're much better off figuring out what xdm considers "root" (maybe
it just needs to run as a service or something).  Again, the
cygwin-xfree list is the place to go for that.  I suggest you post a new
message there with "xdm" in its subject (e.g., 'xdm says "Only root
wants to run xdm"' or something similar).

Yes, ok.

>Umm, I actually asked about the "su" command, rather than the system
version...  In the future, try "which su" and "su --version" in response
to such a question (no need to do that now, as I've found that there's
an - apparently non-working - su.exe packaged in the latest "sh-utils"
However the response is
"$ su --version
su (sh-utils) 2.0.15

So it's 2.0.15 version, right?



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